How Much Does It Cost To Marry A Filipina? Here Are 9 Things To Consider.


So, you can’t wait to marry your Filipina girlfriend?

I will try to remember bits and pieces from my own wedding, but wedding suppliers have changed prices from five years ago. I will just be giving out ball park figures from fair priced suppliers and not the really expensive ones. Plus this is a Catholic wedding, which is the most usual. However, I think you would spend for the same amount on a Christian wedding.

  1. Wedding gown – Not from really famous designers but really good ones. The wedding dress would usually cost around 50,000PHP. Don’t worry, if you see her walk down the aisle on that day, it will be worth it. Though I am not even sure if grooms cry because of the price or because their bride are just radiating with beauty. If you are paying for the entourage gown as well, that would be three gowns. Since they do not require a lot of material and labor like the wedding gown, an entourage gown would normally cost around 7,000PHP. That will be 21,000PHP for three gowns.


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Let’s go on shall we?

2. Groom’s Suit – A good custom tailored suit would usually cost around 10,000PHP. There’s really nothing I can say about suits. They all look the same to me, I’m sorry.


3. Church – If your future bride is Catholic, you don’t have a choice. So far, the price for the churches people usually book around the metro is 30,000PHP. Most of these churches are air-conditioned so you don’t have to worry about perspiring like hell in your suit.

manila cathedral

4. Flowers – This would include the bride’s bouquet, entourage’s flowers and venue floral decoration. The bouquet would cost around 8.000PHP and everything else around 45,000PHP.


5. Caterer – I asked a friend who owns a catering business and the usual price for a wedding catering for around 150 guests would be around 100,00PHP. Remember the food is something that people will remember (that and how beautiful the bride was). So invest on food. Yes, people went to your wedding to witness your undying love for each other but when hunger strikes, you don’t want them picking on table flowers.


6. Venue – Most venues are very affordable now because there are more choices already. The big ones would cost around 65,000PHP.


7. Rings – Most couples would choose a two-tone ring (white and yellow gold), a modest price would be around 50,000PHP. Maybe after shelling out for her engagement ring, you would want to choose a simpler looking wedding band. But that would still depend on you guys.


8. Photographer – There are so many good photographers out there who would bring their own videographer too. They are very demanding and some a tad bit irritating but they do a good job. So whatever silly pose they make you do, just do it, it would probably look good when captured. 100,000PHP for a basic package.

Wedding photographer

9. Wedding cake – A lot of talented bakers have been popping out of nowhere and the cakes are also more contemporary now. Couples are getting more daring with their choices. Zombie cake…what?!? The really good cakes would start around 50,000PHP.


These are all the basics, things you can not do without on your wedding day. I have not included wedding invitations, souvenirs and even the wedding musicians. Your running bill right now would be 529,000PHP.  More than half a million pesos. So, when is the wedding date?


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