Is Your Chinese New Year Cold? Maybe This Chinito Cutie Can Warm You Up!


A boyfriend-for-hire is a common and whimsical trope in fiction novels and movies, especially in romantic comedies. For a fee, you can hire yourself a pretend-boyfriend with whom you can hold hands and cuddle!

Well, if boyfriends-for-hire ever happen to exist in real life, would you actually get one?

In case you’d be interested, maybe we can introduce you to Facebook user Agassi Ching.

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In a humorous Facebook post which has gone viral online, Agassi Ching offers himself as a boyfriend-for-rent for this coming Chinese New Year!

The 20-year old Chinoy cutie posted pictures of himself on his Facebook page along with a witty caption, and a very tempting business proposal.

In the post, Ching advertised his services as a boyfriend-for-rent on Chinese New Year, along with his service rates.

Photo by Agassi Ching on Facebook.
Photo by Agassi Ching on Facebook.

You can hire him from 1PM to 10PM, with a regular rate of PHP100 per hour, and a special student discount rate of PHP80 per hour. Or if you’d like him all to yourself during the whole Chinese New Year, you can get the full service package for a one-time fee of PHP600.

If his refreshingly cute looks don’t tempt you, maybe the services he offer will!

He has ‘visible abs’, you can call him ‘Baby Daddy’, and he can even ‘lift you from your sorrows’! He’s even willing to travel with you anywhere. Of course, extra charges for car rental and fuel apply.

Ching is also willing to play personas for you!

He can be your personal Magic Mike – he even has the body for it. *Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.*

You can also have him as your own KDrama male lead. Or maybe you can be the San Chai to his Dao Ming Si, exactly like the hit Taiwanese television series Meteor Garden!

Aside from his rates and services, Ching also listed his Can’t-Do-List.

Don’t ever trust him to defend you from flying cockroaches, because he can’t do it. Just like how he can’t decline any offer of angbao (Chinese red envelope), or make his eyes bigger.

Tempted yet? Us, too!

Unfortunately, after all the eye-candy pictures, effective marketing and tempting business proposal, Ching ended his post with the statement that his offer was ‘just for fun’, and should not be taken seriously.


As of this writing, Agassi Ching’s post has over 53,000 reactions, 11,500 shares, and over 27,000 comments.


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