King of Catwalk Sinon Loresca is Actually Married! And to a British Guy, No Less!


Sinon Loresca, also known as Rogelia on local variety television show Eat Bulaga, and more popularly known as the “King of Catwalk” as dubbed by Pinoy netizens, rose to fame because of his stunning, pageant-worthy strut while rocking a pair of killer pumps.

Not many men can actually pull off walking on a pair of at least three-inch pumps, much less cat-walk, but Sinon rose above the rest and strutted with the grace of a beauty queen.

His “Best Miss Universe Walk” video went viral worldwide and even earned more than 24.7 million views on 9gag! He earned praises both for being a ‘Filipino hunk’, and for actually able to pull off rocking a pair of sky-high pumps!

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As proof of the popularity he has amassed due to his viral video, Sinon Loresca’s life was placed under the spotlight. Online blogs, news channels and even television shows featured not only his video, but also his charity work involving street children.

His act of donating half of his kidney to his sister was also recently featured on national television in the Philippines.

And in an interview with Mel Tiangco when his life story was revealed in the program Magpakailanman just this Saturday, Sinon also revealed that he’s already married! And to a British guy going by the name of Richard, no less!

In the interview, Sinon shared that he met his husband online. And that he was able to work in a retail store in London before he returned to the Philippines in 2016.

He shared that he had a hard time understanding his husband when their relationship was just starting out because of the language, but that he eventually got the hang of understanding what he wanted to say after a while.

The social media entertainer also revealed that his husband just had a vacation in the Philippine last December, and just recently went back to London this January. He also shared that his husband has been very supportive of his endeavors.

Image source: Sino Loresca Instagram


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