Kris Aquino Hits Back at Netizens for Accusations of Wearing Imelda Marcos’ Jewelry


Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino, finally broke her silence on the very persistent issue that she wore a diamond-studded necklace owned by former first lady Imelda Marcos during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) dinner in the 2015 summit held in the Philippines.

She said she finally got fed up with the stubborn Facebook post that her family and friends keep showing her about the necklace she wore during last year’s APEC summit.

In an Instagram post, she clarified that the one she wore was made from silver and cubic zirconia and not actual diamonds, and it is not the Imelda Marcos necklace that netizens accused her of wearing.

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She further emphasized that she has the credit card receipts to back up her claim. She also said that she would wear her jewelry whenever she wants because she paid for them with her own hard-earned money.

The issue is almost a year old and in fact, the Presidential Commission on Good Governance (PCGG) even issued a statement about the accusations to Kris Aquino in December of last year. They released a statement after pictures of Kris Aquino wearing the alleged Imelda Marcos necklace went viral after the APEC summit last year.

According to then PCGG Commissioner Andrew De Castro in a report by Philippine Star, the necklace that Kris wore was different from Imelda Marcos’ diamond-studded necklace. They said it was also impossible for the necklace to have been taken out of the Central Bank vault and be returned immediately just in time for their appraisal the week after.

Even after the strong-worded hit back from the Queen of all Media, netizens remain skeptical about the actress’ claims and arguments. They wondered why the actress kept mum after all these months when the issue is already about a year old. They argue that she should have spoken sooner if she was indeed innocent.

Check out Kris’ Instagram post below:

It seems you don't want me to stay quiet and your trolls want to keep perpetuating lies about me. My friend JC Buendia & my sister Viel both showed me this paulit ulit na FB post. The necklaces supposedly belonged to Mrs Marcos & I was brazen enough to wear them for the APEC DINNER. Duh? The necklace I wore was made from cubic zirconia & silver- hindi po DIAMONDS, in other words fake sila although Bottega Veneta naman.😂 ENOUGH! And the TRUTH is on my side- including credit card receipts. 💳 P.S. I have a long standing event for #ARIEL on Tuesday, even if my necklaces aren't appropriate for showing how you can remove more than 100 different types of stains- what the heck, isusuot ko na sila, after all I paid for them w/ hard earned, tax paid income, and hindi ko na problema kung yung pagnanakaw ng iba trip nilang ibintang/pagtakpan using me- and to be perfectly clear, I'm not referring to Mrs. Marcos. So this is FAIR WARNING- stop lying about me if you don't want your rotting skeletons unearthed. #IAMBACK

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