#LadyLuster Nadine Lustre’s Fragrance Line is Lit and Here are the Deets!


If it isn’t obvious enough from the sophisticated and classy photos on her Instagram-feed, actress Nadine Lustre is one creative soul. She stands out from the roster of pretty actresses on television, because she proves time and again that she’s not just a pretty face. She actually has an eye for detail. She constantly challenges herself to hone her artistic talents outside of her work as an actress, and this is exactly why she’s a person to look up to for teenagers, and the youth.

Last February 14, Nadine Lustre unveiled her surprise for her fans and supporters when she released her newest venture: her very own fragrance line aptly called “Luster” by Nadine Lustre.

In an interview with Preview, the young actress revealed that the idea for her own perfume was from her mom, Myraquel Lustre. Her mom mentioned in passing that she knew a chemist who makes perfume, and suggested that Nadine and James make their own perfume line.

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Once the seed was planted in Nadine’s mind, it didn’t take long for her creative juices to flow, and to set things in motion in order to accomplish it.

She said the whole theme for the perfume line was inspired by boudoir photos, vintage Vogue and 18th century fashion, which she saw and pieced together through Pinterest. She also shared that she wanted the theme to be a little sexy because she’s slowly growing into a woman, and she wanted to show everyone this.

For the campaign shoot, she collaborated with BJ Pascual in a modern boudoir shoot, complete with lacy underwear, fur, flowers, and a tasteful set design.

Nadine also personally chose the scent for Luster. She said she didn’t want the scent to be fruity, but rather preferred something sweet and floral.

Luster is priced at Php 3,000, and will be available for pre-order from Nadine’s website, CoolGirl.ph starting from March 1.

Well, we can’t wait to get our hands on Luster! And we salute Nadine Lustre for being the creative soul and cool girl that she is.


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