Largest Shabu Lab In The Country Discovered In Pampanga


At the foot of Mount Arayat, police and anti-narcotics operatives discovered what is claimed to be the largest shabu factory discovered in the Philippines to date. It is the second shabu lab located in Pampanga since September 7 of this year. The drug lab in Barangay Lacquios was situated a mere 5 kilometers from the site of the first lab that was discovered in the town of Magalang.

Senior Supt. Rudulfo Recomono Jr., the director of Pampanga Provincial Police Office, stated that no arrests were made during the operation. The suspected operators of the lab equipment uncovered had scattered during the raid, and none had come back since the police had arrived at the scene. This had also happened during the previous drug bust, wherein according to Supt. Samuel Sevilla, the factory had also been “abandoned” by its personnel.

The ‘mega’ shabu lab had seven hydrogenators, each one capable of producing as much as a hundred kilograms of shabu per day. Also revealed by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 3 (PDEA3) in the lab, was a chromatograph. This particular piece of equipment is used in drug labs to measure how ‘pure’ a substance is, among other its other applications.

The drugs were in the process of manufacturing. Recomono remarked that it was a “good thing” that they were able to get to the laboratory before it was able to produce and distribute the narcotics to the market.

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PDEA is currently taking inventory of the equipment found at the site. No one has come forward either to claim ownership of both labs.

Recomono commented that the reason these busts were made possible was because of his instructions to all police chiefs in the province of Pampanga to be pro-active in these drug related operations.

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