Law Granting Access to Television for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired to be Finalized This Year


Senator Grace Poe shared that the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 10905, also known as the Closed Caption Law, will be finalized within the year.

The Closed Caption Law was passed earlier this year on July 21, and went into effect on August 16, 15-days after its publication.

Before it can be fully implemented, an IRR for the law needs to be signed within 120-days after the law’s date of effectivity. For the closed caption law, its IRR must be finalized on, or before December 14.

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The legislative measure grants members of persons with disability (PWD), specifically those who are deaf, or hearing-impaired, access to information on television.

Senator Grace Poe mentioned that ensuring equal access to opportunities is a shared responsibility of all Filipinos.

The legislator and principal author of the bill also shared that she looks forward to the timely implementation of the measure.

Eugenio Villareal, Chairman of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) seconded Senator Poe’s announcement.

He faced the Senate Information and Mass Media Committee and confirmed that MTRCB is set to approve its draft of the law’s IRR by next month. The IRR was made in coordination with other government agencies, including the National Telecommunications Commission.

The Closed Caption Law is a measure that will require television companies to include closed captions in their broadcasts and programs so that people who are deaf, or hearing-impaired can understand what is being shown.

Closed captioning is a technique of providing, or displaying text subtitles to videos, video screens, televisions, or any other visual display in order to provide additional, or interpretative information.

In the case of the Closed Caption Law, television networks will be required to provide subtitles by transmitting vertical interval data signals to the airwaves, which will then be decoded by individual television sets and will be superimposed at the bottom of the screens.

Check out the full text of the Closed Caption Law for more information.


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