Marian Rivera is One of the Hottest Asian Women in the World According to Esquire Indonesia!


Esquire Indonesia just placed Filipina actress and model Marian Rivera as the second Hottest Asian Woman in the World, second only to Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood actress and superstar.

When it comes to beauty and hotness, Filipinas won’t be left behind! Pinays showcase their unique beauty and sexiness not only within the Philippines, but also in the international arena.

If the fact that Filipina beauty queens have been taking over international beauty pageants every year isn’t proof enough that Pinays are out to dominate the world, then you have a seriously obsolete definition of beauty.

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Marian Rivera, a perfect example of a modern Filipina, is not only a sexy mommy to her adorable baby Zia, she is also the first ever Hall-of-Famer in FHM Philippines’ annual Sexiest Women List.

She just topped FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman Title thrice. That’s in 2008, 2013 and 2014. No big deal, guys!

Not only is Marian Rivera a certified bankable actress, she’s also one of the biggest models and celebrity-endorsers in the Philippines.

Oh, and yeah, she has also been included in FHM’s List of 100 Sexiest Women in the World a couple of times.

Happy Ferdian, feature writer for Esquire Indonesia, shared and recognized Marian Rivera’s accolades as being one of the sexiest women in the Philippines. (Wait ‘til you see Marian’s husband, though!)

Also included in the list were Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, Mahira Khan from Pakistan, Korean beauty queen Honey Lee, actress and modal Tao Okamoto from Japan, and supermodel Kelly Tandiono from Indonesia.

Our sincerest congratulations to Marian Rivera, for exemplifying Filipina beauty, and for gaining recognition not only within the Philippines, but also from a foreign country.

We’re very sure that your hunky-hunk of a husband is very proud!

Oh, and if you ever decide to increase your brood and give baby Zia a couple more brothers and sisters, we are totally okay with it! In fact, you have our full support!


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