Matobato’s Educational Records and Personal Details Unearthed


Davao City’s Information Office publicized Edgar Matobato’s personal records on his educational attainment after he was presented as a witness on the Senate inquiry on the widespread cases of extrajudicial killings and summary executions in the country.

Matobato’s service card

The city information office revealed Matobato’s service card, which reflected that he actually graduated high school. This opposed his senate testimony that he only finished up to Grade one, further rendering his testimonial credibility as negligible.

The service card also reflected that he was employed as a casual laborer from 1990 up to 1995, which was the same period he testified to have been active in summary executions as a member of the Davao Death Squad.

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His senate testimony stated that he worked under the Heinous Crime Section of Davao City, but the service card reflected no such assignment.

Further investigations into Matobato’s background and interactions with his neighbors in his former address were done by ABS-CBN. They disclosed that Matobato maintained friendly relations with them even as he separated with his wife.

Matobato’s estranged wife

His estranged wife, on the other hand, gave a statement to the media, further proving Matobato’s duplicity during the senate inquiry. Albeit refusing to face the cameras, she divulged that Matobato was not the person he claimed to be. She said he was a fish vendor, and not a farmer.

She also shared that Matobato liked drinking and getting drunk, and would wave his gun around whenever he got intoxicated.

Matobato’s brutal and gruesome accounts of President Rodrigo Duterte’s involvement with the Davao Death Squad shook the country earlier this month. His statements involved an account of kidnapping and murdering four supporters of former Speaker of the House Prospero Nograles.

However, his testimonies easily lost credibility under the thorough scrutiny of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, and the contrary statements by the people he name-dropped.

Nograles also released statements saying that Matobato’s claims were untrue.


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