Mindanao’s First Test Tube Baby is From a Muslim Mother!


Mindanao’s first test-tube baby was born on Thursday, October 13, at 3:43 PM at the Brokenshire Hospital in Davao City. The healthy baby boy weighed 3.22 kilograms upon delivery.

Baby Muhagher is the first baby from Mindanao to be delivered successfully through a pregnancy achieved via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Photo from PNA Website.

In Vitro Fertilization is a process where the female’s egg is extracted and is fertilized outside the woman’s body, usually in a laboratory. Once the egg is fertilized and am embryo is developed, it is then placed back into the uterus of the woman for further development of the embryo.

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According to Gamal Pagul in an interview with PNA, 29 years old, father of baby Muhagher, he and his wife, Mydean, 39 years old, wanted to have a baby of their own but could not do so because his wife already underwent ligation.

Gamal already has a child of his own from a first marriage, while Mydean already bore three children from a previous relationship prior to her decision to avail of artificial birth control by ligation.

When the couple decided that they wanted to have a child of their own, the consulted Dr. Lana from Simbulan Hospital in Bukidnon

Mydean initially underwent Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), another type of artificial insemination procedure, which is used for treating infertility. However, the procedure was unsuccessful because Mydean has previously been ligated.

Dr. Lana referred the couple to see Dr. Ma. Lourdes Cabling, Laboratory Director and Chairperson of the Fertility Care Center in Brokenshire Hospital in Davao.

Before the couple decided to let Mydean undergo an IVF procedure in order to get pregnant, they first researched about the procedure through the Internet, and asked for the support of their parents and family members.

When asked if the procedure does not contravene their religious beliefs as Muslims, Gamal said that it is not, and that it is their ultimate wish to have a child.

When Mydean was finally pregnant, the couple had to travel to Davao from their resident in Wa-o, Lanao del Sur for her monthly consultation with her doctor.

The couple shared that they did not mind traveling despite her condition because they really wanted to have a baby, and because they also wanted to make sure Mydean’s safety throughout her pregnancy.

Brokenshire Hospital’s IVF Facility, which only opened on October 28 last year, was the first hospital to offer IVF in Mindanao.


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