Kylie Verzosa Wins Miss International Crown…Now What?



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We have bagged our 6th Miss International Crown! Kylie Verzosa won Miss International 2016 at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday. This is another pride for the Philippines following Pia Wurtzback’s winning last year. To the delight of the Filipino people, Kylie emerged triumphant over 69 contestants all over the world. Her  speech during the competition was impressive with emphasis on her planned devotion to cultural and international understanding.

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The Philippines is considered one of the most victorious countries for winning Big Four International Beauty Pageants:  Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. We have had 13 coronations! Imagine, thirteen women ,gorgeous and smart, who represented the Philippines and won. Now, the real challenge comes after the coronation. Are our beauty queens making a difference in our country and the international community?

There are questions that we should be focusing on in order for us to know the essence of having a Philippine pride, moreover on the part of the newly crowned 2016 Miss International, Kylie Versoza.

 “What does it really mean to be a beauty queen of a particular country?”

This is more than doing pictorials and commercials, gracing events, and granting interviews to name a few. It is just the icing on the cake. Are we going to see her helping out our kababayans during disasters? Are we going to see her helping the less fortunate and giving her precious time? Will she be educating Filipinos about anything beneficial to our way of living and thinking? We would like to understand more the meaning of having a crowned beauty queen in our homeland and this can be observed by her activities after the coronation.

Behind that lovely sparkling crown, what are the responsibilities that entail it?

Filipinos know for a fact that winning the crown takes a lot of effort on the part of beauty queens. They have sacrificed a lot for it physically, mentally, and psychologically.  It is more than being grace under pressure. The essential part here is wearing the crown with a purpose. The purpose is to deliver the responsibilities that come with the crown and exceed the expectations of the Filipino people. On the part of Kylie ,it would be great if  she can also come up with her own initiatives aside from the given responsibilities.

We take pride in winning in different pageants by cheering wholeheartedly, voting when necessary, sending our love virtually through comments, and telling the world that the Filipina beauty is one of a kind. We are glued to our television sets to see how they do their walk, have they inspired Filipino women to be as graceful as them? We observe how they carry our national costume, have they contributed to a substantial growth in tourism and culture development? Most importantly, we are pinned on how they reply during the question and answer portion, have they imparted the value of being educated and well versed to all Filipinos?

I hope we see beyond the beauty and think of a higher purpose for these pageants. It is a beauty contest, and beauty is so much more than just a face on stage. Beauty is so much more than just a heavy crown on your head. A queen has to rule and make a difference too, right?





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