Is Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Dating F1 Hottie Marlon Stockinger?


Romance rumors are swirling around Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and Formula 1 professional racecar driver Marlon Stockinger after the beauty queen shared a photo of them together on her Instagram account.

The beauty queen just recently celebrated her 27th birthday in Manila over the weekend, and surprised her almost 3 million Instagram followers by uploading a seemingly sweet picture of her, and F1 eye-candy Marlon Stockinger.

Are they, or aren’t they?

In the photo of them together, the half-German, half-Pinay Bisaya beauty queen title-holder is seen leaning on the shoulder of the half-Swiss, half-Pinoy hottie. Both of them are sporting identical curt smiles as they stared into the camera.

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The caption on Pia’s Instagram post was also a short and cryptic tag: “Marloner”

Marlon Stockinger, 25 years old, is half-Swiss and half-Filipino. He is best known as a professional racecar driver. He competes as a junior driver under the Lotus Formula One Team, and he is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Pia Alonzo Wurtbach, on the other hand, is half-Filipina and half-German. She was raised in Cagayan De Oro, but moved to Manila to try her luck in the entertainment industry when she was just in her teens.

What about that hot doctor on Instagram?

She has been previously romantically linked to the “Hottest Doctor Alive” on Instagram, Mikhail Varshavski. She even confirmed that she was dating the hunky doctor earlier this year.

However, break-up rumors have hounded the doctor and the beauty queen ever since Pia unfollowed Dr. Mike on Instagram back in May.

Pia later clarified their status as being okay, and that there was just a minor misunderstanding. She also added that she prioritizes her duties as Miss Universe over her love life.

At this point, Pia and Marlon have yet to comment on the romance rumors linking them together, but one thing is for sure: Pia sure is one very lucky girl!


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