MMDA: Establish Night Markets for Sidewalk Vendors to Solve Traffic Crisis


In a bid to give a solution to the worsening traffic crisis within Metro Manila, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) suggested the establishment of night markets for vendors to Mayors within the Metro Manila area.

According to Tim Orbos, MMDA General Manager, vendors who sell goods at the side of the roads are big contributors to the traffic crisis within the streets of Manila. They appear everywhere, and build their make-shirt stores in sidewalks and areas designated for people to walk through.

Orbos said that giving the vendors a designated area to sell their goods would help bring order to the metro. He also shared that they are willing to give aid to the local government units for the establishment of his proposed night markets for vendors.

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“Vendors’ structures should be mobile, not permanent structures. At a given time, they come in and go. We can design their push carts, with proper specifications.” – Tim Orbos, in an interview with Manila Bulletin.

He shared that they have already started confiscating the vendors’ goods, stating that there is a need to clear the roads of obstructions to afford better access to the greater majority.

He, however, clarified that even they confiscate the vendors’ goods, they eventually allow the vendors’ to get their goods back.

He also suggested that once vendors are granted to occupy stalls in the proposed night markets, they must be monitored and regulated, so that they don’t revert back to occupying their sidewalk spots again.

Meanwhile, on the topic of giving early Christmas breaks to students as a way to alleviate the traffic situation, Orbos expressed his support for Senator Grace Poe’s proposal.

He said that when students are on school break, there will be fewer cars on the road, and fewer cars mean less traffic. He shared that he believes that the proposal is a sound one, and will benefit both commuters and motorists alike.


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