True Love: Mother Dog Brings Food for Her Hungry Pup Despite Disability


A video posted on Facebook has gone viral. This time, it shows a disabled mother dog carrying food for her puppy. Truly an act of true love!

The video, which lasts for only 48 seconds, features a mother dog dragging herself with food on her mouth. The light-brown-colored mother seems to have two of her hind legs injured, paralyzed, or even broken. However, that did not stop her from showing love to her puppy.

The puppy might have seen her approaching, so it immediately welcomed her with wiggling tails. It is as if it’s saying that it’s happy to have her mother back alive – and with food!

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Upon contact, the puppy excitingly gets the food from the mother’s mouth and savors it.  The mother did not bother taking a bite of her hardwork. She doesn’t seem to care, too, as long as she sees her puppy happy and fulfilled.

As expected, the heartwarming video garnered a lot of reactions from the netizens, with most saying they were touched by the mother’s act of true love and wondering where these dogs are right now.

“I wonder what this dog now? Is it alive? Do it and took the puppy to the treatment? I hope they are safe!”

Other netizens could not help but compare the dog’s act with that of humans.

“Buti pa ang aso,marunong magmahal at magpahalaga sa buhay na ipinagkatiwala sa kanya ng panginoon,samantalang ang ibang tao, malakas pa sa kalabaw, nagpasarap biniyayaan ng buhay mula sa Maykapal,pero ano ginagawa? Kung hindi ipinalalaglag,itinatapon sa basurahan na parang dumi!“

“Minsan mas tao pa sa tao ang hayop at mas hayop pa sa hayop ang tao.Dapat makita to ng mga babaeng nagtapon at pumatay sa sariling anak nila bka sakaling makaramdam ng hiya kahit kaunting hiya at kunsensya.”

There were also netizens who said this should serve as a lesson to everyone.

“Lesson learn po into para sa mga iresponsable sa knilang buhay marunong din tanung mgpagalaga sa mga ngsasakripisyo para sa atin”

The video has been viewed at least 87,000 times. Watch it here.


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