Need a Date for Valentine’s Day? Hire One!


Valentine’s Day is a day for couples and spouses to celebrate their love for each other. It’s a day characterized by hearts, teddy bears, red roses, chocolates and grand romantic gestures. If you have a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, well, good for you.

Unfortunately, for those who are single, Valentine’s Day can be hard, lonely and just sad.

But wait!

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Edward Gerald Reynoso

For single women out there, we think we’ve found a solution for you!

Like a gift from cyberspace, we found three men who offered their services as Valentine’s Day dates for a fee!

Date-for-hire number one is Facebook user Edward Gerald Reynoso. He offers a Landi Package, a Sweet Package, a Full Package and even a Special Package with a range of services and corresponding rates.

In his viral Facebook post advertising his services as a date-for-hire, Reynoso includes meeting your parents and a free macho dance in his repertoire. You can also bring him home to your province as long as you’d be willing to shell out money for his fare!

As of this posting, Reynoso’s Facebook post as a date-for-hire has garnered over 50,700 shares and over 146,000 reactions.

Date-for-hire number two is Facebook user Kevin Zapanta. He also offers four service packages to choose from, and his services are billed by the hour. For his special talent, he can actually rap the whole Stupid Love song by Salbakuta!

Kevin Zapanta

For your pleasure, he’s also willing to act out an innocent look, be your bad boy, be a Korean Kdrama lead, or be your Christian Grey.

As of this posting, Zapanta’s Facebook post as a date-for-hire has garnered over 5,600 shares and over 18,000 reactions.

Lastly, our date-for-hire number three is handsome teacher Manuel Garcia. His services as a date-for-hire come with a twist though. He’s only offering a study date! Not only will you have a date on Valentine’s Day, you’ll also be learning, too.

Manuel Garcia

Garcia’s study date services also come in four packages: the Strict teacher, the Comedian teacher, the MMK teacher, or the Hugot teacher. He even offers an early bird promo which includes a free ballpen!
As of this posting, Garcia’s Facebook post has earned 379 shares, and over 1,300 reactions.

While most of the Facebook posts in this article were made for fun and not to be taken seriously, we sincerely hope that, single or nor, you’ll be able to enjoy the coming Valentine’s Day.


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