Need to Express Your Feelings? Choose from a Variety of Linya-Linya Shirts


I think one amazing thing about Filipinos, is the ability to turn creativity and art into a business. Whether it’s a #hugot from a heartbreak or a #LOL moment, we can always turn it into something we can laugh about.

I have been reading Saab Magalona’s blog for years now and have been following her on Twitter, when one time she wore a shirt that caught my attention. I believe it was the one with “Eat, Girl” written on it that I became curious as to where she got it. And so, upon researching the internet, I found out that the brand of the shirt is called Linya-Linya.

Linya-Linya’s history according to their website:  Long-time college friends Ali Sangalang and Panch Alvarez were workmates back in 2012. Ali, a writer; Panch, a visual artist. Trying to fight off daily feels and frustration from work, both friends sat down at a local restaurant to sort things out.

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To address their creative slump, the solution was quite simple: go back to basics. Ali, a class clown; Panch, a cartoonist who drew mischievous caricatures of his teachers. On a lined blank notebook, Ali wrote his one-liners, and Panch matched it with his doodles. They shared it online and the followers started piling up. It didn’t take long until their Linyas were turned into shirts and other products.

Fast forward to 2015. The duo had a meeting with musician Jim Bacarro (Ali’s friend back in grade school) to discuss expanding the Linya-Linya brand. Being a marketing and an accounting guy, Jim’s role was clear: Hindi lang sa jokes bumenta ang Linya-Linya.

Here are just some of their designs:






The shirts range from PHP 300 – 495 and you can order them at


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