Netizens Touched by a Mother’s Love and Dedication


A mother’s love knows no measure – this is what netizens witnessed in a viral post circling the internet, and this is also why their hearts were touched.

Facebook user Gilbred Cargason Alsagon Jr. shared the viral post of a selfless mother taken at the Roxas City branch of the Development Bank of the Philippines.

The post contained pictures and a video of Nanay Juliet Lorenzo.

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In the post, Nanat Juliet can be seen carrying her paralyzed daughter on her back as she went about her transaction inside the establishment.

What’s even more heart-warming is the fact that Nanay Juliet is no longer a sprightly adult, but is already a gray-haired old woman.

According to the post, Nanay Juliet’s fully-grown adult daughter has been paralyzed ever since she was only three years old. And ever since then, Nanay Juliet always carried her daughter on her back whenever she had to go downtown.

The post shared that Nanay Juliet was afraid her daughter will get raped if she was left alone, so Nanay Juliet always made sure to keep her daughter by her side at all times.

A comment from a concerned netizen also revealed that the bank’s guard wasn’t able to help Nanay Juliet because she refused. According to Edgie Dela Cruz Beroniba, Nanay Juliet didn’t want other people touching her daughter for fear that something untoward might happen to her.

Alsagon further shared that he is unable to help Nanay Juliet because he is also unable to help his own mother, but he appealed to interested people to help if they are able.

Alsagon also revealed that a friend of his has already pledged to give a wheelchair to Nanay Juliet and her daughter through the City Health Office of Roxas City.

As of this posting, Nanay Juliet’s daughter was already given a wheelchair, and the post that went live on March 11, 2017 has already garnered over 43,000 reactions and over 31,700 shares.


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