New Jollibee Commercial: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


Months ago, Jollibee released a series of commercials that made us all sob hard. It seems that Jollibee isn’t done yet making us cry (both happy and sad tears) as they released a new commercial wherein they included the tagline: There’s a perfect time to find your perfect pair #JollibeePerfectPairs.

It is actually a continuation of the commercial wherein a guy was standing at the altar and we all thought that he was marrying his best friend only to find out that he actually wasn’t and was just there as the best man. On the newest commercial, we see that the guy has another friend who was there thru his ups and downs and this girl is in love with him. Is it a happy ending? We believe it’s for you to find out. Watch the video below and tell us if you had to reach for a box of tissue like us!

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