New White House Asst. Press Secretary is a Filipino-American


Amidst the chaos and confusion that President of the United States Donald Trump has created because of his very controversial policy of imposing restrictions on Visa and refugees, a Filipino-American named Ninio Joseph Fetalvo has been appointed to carry out the duties of the Assistant Press Secretary of the White House.

He will be working for the Trump administration, and will be working closely with Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary. He will be primarily dealing with issues regarding healthcare, education, transportation and veterans’ affairs.

Fetalvo was born to immigrant parents. He grew up in Florida, and earned his degree in Political Communications from George Washington University.

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When he was interviewed by The Fil Am Metro DC, the 23-year old newly appointed Asst. Press Secretary said that the Republican Party’s beliefs are in line with his. He also said that the Republican Party has been nothing but welcoming to him since the start of his career.

Prior to assuming his current position as Asst. Press Secretary, Fetalvo served as the Press Asst. for the Asian and Pacific Islander Media under the Republican National Convention. He also played a role in the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee, serving as the Deputy Director of the Strategic Media part.

“When I started interning for RNC during my senior year of college, halfway through the internship they notified (me) that the job for press assistant for Asian American engagement would be available. I applied for the job and I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to do after college.” – Ninio Joseph Fetalvo, in an interview with The Fil Am Metro DC

While the current POTUS Donald Trump has been making headlines for his controversial policies and blatantly racist acts, Fetalvo serves as a reminder that Filipinos all over the world can still survive and thrive even if the odds are stacked against us.

Congratulations, Ninio Joseph Fetalvo, and best of luck!


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