PH President Receives a Slap! In a Fictional US TV Show, That is. Here’s What PH Gov’t Said


Madam Secretary is an American political drama television shown on CBS, with actress Tea Leoni at the helm as Dr. Elizabeth “Bess” Adams McCord.

What sets the television series from other political drama shows is that, while it is largely fictional, the events it depict on the show actually mirror real-life current events and world leaders.

The show found itself on the receiving end of a letter from the Philippine Embassy in Washington following the airing of its episode portraying a fictional Philippine president making inappropriate remarks against the female character.

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The Philippine president was portrayed as leering towards the titular Madam Secretary. In fact, the fictional president even received a punch straight to the face from Tea Leoni’s character on the show.

In a letter sent by the Philippine Embassy to CBS, they demanded for necessary corrective action about the television show, and stated that such portrayal is an affront to the long-standing advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality in the Philippines.

The episode should be taken in light of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is a self-confessed womanizer. He also has a record of inappropriate remarks against women earlier in his career as President, and is well-known to be unorthodox in his methods in running the government.

Meanwhile, in a savagely classy and subtle hit-back from Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella, he stated that the show seemed to project something about their situation. He added that they should have used a fictional US President instead.

The comment is of course an obvious dig at the current POTUS (President of the United States), Donald Trump, who was recorded speaking about grabbing women’s private parts. And this is on top of the obvious train-wreck that is his presidency.

Well, we think it’s a validly fair point well made on Abella’s part. Don’t you?


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