Duterte Backtracks on PH Breaking Up with USA in Favor of China


President Rodrigo Duterte made it clear that “separation” with the United States is not equal to “severing diplomatic ties” with the latter. He explained that cutting diplomatic ties would not be beneficial for the Filipino people.

This after Duterte was first reported to have personally announced during his China trip that the USA has lost both in the military and in economics and that the Philippines will be separating from the US. He added that he also plans to meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. He even said that it’s China, Russia, and the PH against the world.

In this case, he said that realigning his foreign policy is only for the best of his countrymen.

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A lot of netizens have reacted to Duterte’s first statement, saying that one should not interpret it for him, especially since the President has been known to be saying things and meaning another.

On the other hand, many have said that dealing with China is a good decision as it is a promising economy while others do not seem to agree because of several reasons, one being it having a bad reputation. For those who agree with the President, they believe that this is the best time for the Philippines to stop relying and depending from its longest and closest ally and get out of the comfort zone. For those who say otherwise, separating from the US would mean millions of people will lose their jobs. For others, they believe that one cannot be friends with someone who is trying to steal from the former.

The Internet is filled with opinions of both from Filipinos and other nationalities about this matter, but one could only hope for the best. Looking at it, it seems like the President is making the least-of-all-evil kind of decision. He once said: “You can only negotiate to prevent war.” But he might be making a not-so-well-thought one.

“Any drastic shift in our foreign policy direction should be well-thought-out and not simply blurted out. It should be a product of deep study and wide discussion. Because of its far-reaching implications, it cannot be an announce now, study later thing,” Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto said in a report.

In China and Philippines’ join statement, it is clear that the country is benefitting from this new partnership. But until when and upto what extent? How far will our President go?

Again, one can only hope for the best, and one could only pray for the farewell of the country.


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