Photo of Selfless Father in Jollibee Receives Love from Netizens


A photo of a father and his two daughters in fast-food joint, Jollibee, has gone viral for exemplifying a father’s selfless love.

In the photo, the man, later identified as Tatay Ryan, is seen simply looking at his two daughters as they eat chicken. It didn’t matter that he was not eating anything, as long as his two daughters are well-fed, and are eating their favorite chicken.

The photo was shared by Facebook user Jhunnel Sarajan. According to Sarajan’s post, he couldn’t contain his emotions when he saw Tatay Ryan and his two daughters. He was moved by the fact that it didn’t matter to Tatay Ryan that he wasn’t eating anything, as long as he is able to feed his two kids.

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Photo by Jhunnel Sarajan.
Photo by Jhunnel Sarajan.

Sarajan also urged fellow netizens to turn their compassion into action, and help out Tatay Ryan.

In another Facebook post, Sarajan was able to talk to Tatay Ryan and found out that he suffered mild stroke, and was unable to undergo a much-needed therapy.

According to the post, Tatay Ryan only earns about one hundred to two hundred pesos (Php 100 – Php 200) per day working as a vendor in a small store, and this is severely insufficient to support the needs of his two daughters and his family.

Sarajan also provided for the kinds of assistance that tender-hearted and compassionate netizens can provide for Tatay Ryan and his family. In his follow-up post, Sarajan stated that interested persons can provide either medical assistance or livelihood assistance for Tatay Ryan, and educational assistance for his two daughters.

The post also stressed that it is very important to Tatay Ryan to ensure that his two daughters finish their education and earn their degrees.

Finally, interested people can reach a contact person through the post if they are interested in extending any form of help for Tatay Ryan and his two girls.

As of this posting, the original Facebook post has earned over 90,000 reactions and over 50,000 shares.


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