Pinoy Actor Made It Big in Indonesia!


Mopping floors of buses coming in for their final stop at his hometown of Bolinao in Pangasinan, Leo Consul had always dreamt of living the good life.

“I would wait, along with my friends, for those buses to come until midnight just so we could clean them and get a 10-peso cleaning fee,” he says in an interview with Illustrado Magazine.

Leo previously worked as a TV host in ABS-CBN Baguio but he decided to go to Indonesia and auditioned as a host for Eat Bulaga! Indonesia which he luckily got the part. He was included in the segment “Juan For All, All For Juan,”. Also, the good-looking actor and TV host has detailed his inspiring life journey in a book, A Thousand Miles in Broken Slippers. Check out his recent guesting at

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