Pinoy Chef Triumphs in Food Network’s Reality Culinary Contest in the US!


Chef Josh Arcilla, earned the grand prize of $10,000 in an American reality TV cooking competition Chopped! He bested three other contestants and earned the praises of the celebrity chef judges.

His winning dish? Sea Bass with runner bean salad in Filipino-style!

Ted Allen hosts the culinary contest originally aired on Food Network. The show pits four chefs against each other, challenging them to create their own appetizer, entrée and desert in three different rounds, using predetermined and particular ingredients.

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The judges in the competition whose taste buds the chefs had to impress were Geoffrey Zakarian, Amanda Freitag and Georgio Rapicavoli.

The predetermined ingredients for the appetizer round were pork secreto, asparagus, kefir, and truffle-flavored potato chips. For the entrée round, the ingredients were black sea bass, yucca, flat runner beans, and blueberry grappa. Finally, for the desert round, the ingredients were knafeh, passion fruit, pistachio paste, and canned brown bread.

Arcilla’s winning dish, his Filipino-style sea bass with runner bean salad, earned him accolades from the judges.

“The presentation is really beautiful in this dish and it works well when you eat it, get a little bit of everything in every bite,” Georgio Rapicavoli, two-time Chopped winner, on Arcilla’s entrée dish.

Arcilla is an alumna of the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) in Manila, one of the top culinary schools in the Philippines. He is now based in California, and works as a corporate line chef.

Chef Josh Arcilla on Chopped. Photo Credit: Chef Josh's Facebook.
Chef Josh Arcilla on Chopped. Photo Credit: Chef Josh’s Facebook.

According to Arcilla, his inspiration for his culinary journey, and his dishes is his grandmother. He shared that she was the only person in his family to ever stay with him when he expressed his desire to open and have his own restaurant someday.

“Me being a home cook, I said, ‘grandma, I want to open a restaurant’. She was the only person in my family who was always with me, right there beside me.” – Josh Arcilla on his grandmother as his inspiration for his cooking.

Congratulations, Chef Josh Arcilla!

If you want to see Chef Josh Arcilla’s culinary victory on Chopped, check out the video he uploaded on his Facebook below:


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