Pinoy Netizens Take a Stand Against Censorship of Same-Sex Kiss in How To Get Away With Murder


Season 3 of the hit ABC series How To Get Away With Murder just premiered during the last week of September this year, and Filipino fans are just as excited for the latest developments to the characters.

In its second episode, which aired in the Philippines last week, there was a steamy kissing scene between Ollie and Connor. However, fans from the Philippines noticed that such kissing scene was cut out by Sonny Channel.

Filipino netizens and fans of the legal thriller television series took to the interwebs and caused quite a furor because of the censorship. They caused quite a spectacle on social media that the actors who portray Ollie and Connor noticed their messages.

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Actor Conrad Ricamora, who portrays the character of Ollie, and who is coincidentally of Filipino descent, rallied with the fans and tweeted against the censorship.

Ricamora tweeted: “Seriously?! @osn & @SonyChannelPH cut #coliver kiss ep.302 – get into 2016. We need=representation.”

Similarly, actor Jack Falahee, who portrays the character of Connor on the show, also tweeted against the cutting out of their scene.

Falahee tweeted: “Hey @SonyChannelPH and @osn – we need = representation on screen. Why’d you cut this?”

Feeling the pressure through social media from fans of the show, and further prodded by the tweets of two actors from the hit TV series, Sonny Channel Philippines likewise took to social media to address its earlier faux pas.

As if to say that they heard the clamor of the fans and they regret their earlier censorship, Sonny Channel Philippines delivered the good news to the fans that they would be showing a special encore of Season 3 Episode 2 of How To Get Away With Murder this Friday, this time without the same-sex kissing scene being cut.

The immediate amends made by Sonny Channel Philippines was greatly appreciated by both Ricamora and Falahee. The two actors has since expressed their appreciation and thanks to the fans of the show for bringing the incident to their attention, and to Sonny Channel for their quick response.


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