A Plea of Surrender from Actors Guild of the Philippines to Celebrities Involved with Drugs


The Actors Guild of the Philippines through its president, Rez Cortez, made a plea for celebrities and showbiz personalities who are involved with drugs to surrender to the authorities before it is too late.

He also called on to the people working in and out of the camera in both the television and movie industry to submit themselves to the authorities, and not wait until their lives become at stake because they refused to surrender.

He also said that if they want to surrender, they could call him, or directly go to the police themselves. He said that they can always ask for help from their fellow artists, and if they need to undergo a rehabilitation program, the Actors Guild would also be willing to assist.

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This urgent plea comes in the heel of the recent arrests of four celebrities in connection with drugs. So far, the police have Karen Bordador, Sabrina M, Krista Miller and Mark Anthony Fernandez in custody because of offenses linked to drugs.

Mark Anthony Fernandez was the latest showbiz celebrity arrested for drug possession. He was arrested earlier this week at Pampanga, for trying to slip a police checkpoint. He was subsequently caught to be in possession of more than 1 kilogram of marijuana in his car.

Meanwhile, on the issue of shaming celebrities for their involvement with drugs, the Actors Guild expressed disfavor upon such measure. They expressed that while they support the government’s aggressive campaign in flushing out drug-linked celebrities, they are not in favor of publicizing the celebrities’ names, especially if they are only users of illegal drugs.

Rez Cortez said that celebrity drug users are victims who need help, but the case is different for celebrities who are drug lords, or drug pushers. He said he would be okay with publicizing names of celebrity drug lords or drug pushers, but not of drug users.


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