Pod of Dolphins Bedazzle Residents of Aklan


Dolphins are considered to be one of the most intelligent mammals alive.

Luckily, most of the dolphin species are found in the country, and on September 13, Tuesday, a barangay in Aklan was lucky enough to witness several dolphins near the shore.

At least 15 dolphins wandered into the Aklan waters yesterday as reported by GMA News. According to Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) officers, these dolphins found its way to Aklan in search for food.

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A video showing the dolphins frolicking in the waters were uploaded by MENRO team. It shows these lovely and adorable creatures playing in the waters of barangay Afga, Tangalan, Aklan.

However, there have also been varying reports about the event.

According to Eagle News, there were a total of 100 dolphins who ended up in Aklan waters. According to the site, coastguards, fishermen, and curious residents gathered around the area to witness the spectacular sights. The same site also reports that the size of the dolphins were the same as that of water buffalos.

An officer from MENRO, Glenda Sanchez, said that it was the first time they have witnessed such a large number of dolphins in one event.

It is also speculated that the rich coral deposits could have triggered the dolphins to stay for quite awhile in the area.

dolphins dolphins dolphins

Lastly, Bombo Radyo reported that there were only at least 20 dolphins on that day.

A coastguard, Ulo Tumbagahan, revealed that driving the mammals away to deeper waters was not an easy feat especially because the residents were so eager to take photos and videos of them. The people who witnessed the event went ballistic.

For Tumbagahan, the strong waves could have brought the dolphins in a particular direction, and that is why they ended up in the waters of Aklan.

These mammals were said to have stayed in the area for at least an hour before the coast guards were able to drive them into deeper waters.

The kind of dolphin found in the area during that day was not identified. However, it is not the first time these intelligent mammals have been sighted in Aklan waters.

Watch the video below:


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