Pokemon Go? Hack, NO!


Are you a fan of pokemon go like everyone else all over the world?  Well, if you are, either this article will make you want to play it more or not.  So it has been on the news lately that there are hacks spreading to get more pokemons.



Pokemon Go, let’s go!

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Every since the launch of Niantic’s Pokemon Go,  cheats and hacks have been plaguing the world. Pokemon Go first launched in Australia and New Zealand, blocking several countries which didn’t stop players to play the game. GPS and locations hacks became the essential thing for players whose countries were blocked. Others came to cheat the game by playing on their mobile app, on their desktop pc, and even using a drone to simulate walking.  This is because players need to walk some distance just so they are able to hatch eggs. Interesting, eh?


Niantic came to notice these cheats and hacks which led them to implement soft bans and permanent bans to players.  These players are those who have been identified to have used these third party applications and exploits alike. For players whose countries are still banned, I am pretty sure they would be devastated since these would mean a life time ban for them and they have not even played the game. Players also caught exploiting levels will also be outlawed as well.



Niantic has updated their policies emphasizing on these cheats, hacks and any other exploits.  They will face a permanent ban in the Pokemon universe. Niantic allocated a page for players who were unjustly banned to fill up and provided a statement to stop desperately pleading in social media sites.

Niantic has firmly stated to provide a firm anti-cheating system to provide a fun, fair and legitimate gaming experience for players.



So, what do you think?  I think it’s just fair that these hacks are banned.  Nobody wants a cheater.




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