President Duterte Claims CIA Is Planning to Kill Him


President Rodrigo Duterte revealed in his speech before the Filipino people in Hanoi, Vietnam, that he has received information that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is planning to kill him.

That’s the situation. They say, the CIA is planning to kill me.

However, despite the intensity of the possibility, Duterte was still able to crack a joke out of it and said that the CIA should give him more time to savor the fact that he is the President of the country.

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He said that up to this day, he still could not fathom the truth that he was elected as the country’s top official.

“Until now, I cannot believe that I am the [President]. Give me the chance to think [and realize that I am the] President,” Duterte said.

President Rodrigo Roa-Duterte delivers his inaugural speech. He is the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

It can be recalled that several reports have also claimed that the President is under threat and that there are actually plans to have him assassinated.

Wilford Palma, arrested for smuggling gun parts from the USA, said that one of their customers disclosed about the plot to assassinate the President.

However, the tough-talking mayor remains unfazed by the death threats. He has already made a statement before that he is more than willing to put his life at risk as long as he is able to fulfill his mandate – to be of service to the Filipinos.

Duterte has been facing a lot of issues recently with regard to the statements he made about several matters at hand.

The President also mentioned the dispute with China over the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) in his speech.

“There will always be a time to reckon the thing with. When that time comes, sabihin ko sa China, ‘ito ‘yung amin (I will tell China, ‘this is ours’). I will talk to you but I will not go out of the four corners of this paper.’ [But] it is not the time to die,” he said.

I will tell China, ‘this is ours’

He also mentioned that the Philippines’ joint military exercises with the USA will be the last during his term.


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