QC’s Shabu Queen Got Goods from “Ninja Cops”


The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) revealed that they now have in custody the woman who claimed to have worked with “ninja cops”. These so-called “ninja cops” are lawmen who sell illegal drugs which they have confiscated from drug pushers or users.


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Hapida Ditanongun, 33, is tagged as Quezon City’s “Shabu Queen” while also known to her buyers as “Madam”. According to the QCPD director, Senior Superintendent Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, she admitted that over the last two years she has been arranging drug deals with some QC policemen.


Ditanongun who is considered as a high-value drug personality was arrested last October 2 in her apartment unit in Baloy Street, Barangay Doña Imelda. She was caught repacking shabu with her cohort, Justin Oliver De Vera,  35. The two were reported to police by Ditanongun’s helper, Aleli Medina, due to abuse and attempt “to kill her”.


She identified some QCPD members as either her business partners or customers. Among those she mentioned was Senior Inspector Ramon Castillo, a member of QCPD’s anti-narcotics division. Castillo was killed in a buy-bust operation last July by his fellow officers.


According to Ditanongun’s statement to investigators, Castillo would hand her 100 grams of “shabu” every two days which she would then sell. Eleazar added that the other officers named in the statement were already relieved of their duties by the time the “Shabu Queen” was arrested.


Ditanongun stated that she started selling drugs in 2014. She was arrested twice for drug-related offenses in 2015 but she never stayed in bars for long because her police contacts protected her. The suspect also stated that she managed to use “proxies”. These are people who stood in for her at investigations who are then released from detainment because the police only charged them with drug possession.


Eleazar said in an interview, “She said there came a time when the drug trade seemed legal because (pushers like her) were protected by police.” The officer also expressed that they are trying to start with a clean slate. The problem will continue in the communities until these ninja cops are prevented from protecting drug suspects.


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