A Scathing Open Letter to Girls Who Capitalize on their Big “Future” Make Rounds Online


A scathing and strongly worded open letter by Facebook user Shairah Aliyah has been making rounds online, and has sparked numerous debates among Filipino netizens.

The open letter was addressed to women who became famous because of the ‘assets’, and even directly mentioned another Facebook user named Kaysee Gregorio, who tags herself as “Dyoga Princess” on her cover photo. “Dyoga” being a euphemism for big boobs.

According to Shairah, her open letter was sparked when she saw a video of Kaysee ‘jiggling her breast out’ on her newsfeed.

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She vehemently stated that Facebook is a social media network, and not a porn site, and that everyone has Facebook accounts nowadays, even 7-year old little girls.

She called videos, much like what Kaysee uploads, as “pornographic”, and even tags them as “accounts that promote nudity”.

“Well, congrats. You are now popular. Popular in the eyes of pedophiles. Popular in the eyes of perverts. And lastly, popular in the eyes of people who’s concerned about you and who’s willing to watch you change.” – Shairah Aliyah on people who became famous because of boobs.

She also talked about the people who gained popularity because of big boobs asking for respect. She said respect is earned, and should not be solicited. She even cites that people who are posting pictures and videos of their prominent chests are pathetic for asking respect when they keep uploading videos of their boobs.

“I pity those people seeking for attention and believing that by posting a photo like that, they could be popular.” – Shairah Aliyah.

She also harped about being called a slut-shamer, and about people telling her to stop sexualizing such actions. In her defense, she insists that the pictures and videos that these kinds of women upload “clearly want to imply sexuality”.

She also how can she be slut shaming, if these woman aren’t even ashamed?

“The main reason why boys are completely losing trust and respect for us girls is because of someone like Dyoga Girl. Someone who craves respect but cannot even respect herself first.” – Shairah Aliyah

As of this writing, the post has earned over 20,000 reactions and over 7,200 shares on Facebook.

Check out the open letter below, and tell us what you think in the comments.


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