See This Businessman’s Grand Gesture for Erich Gonzales!


Just how far would you go to get your dream girl out on a date?

Heart-pounding and nerve-wracking tension aside, this young businessman proves that he’s more than willing to go the extra mile for the girl who has caught his fancy, and has served as his inspiration even from afar.

Last Saturday, Xian Gaza, the young CEO and President of Guanxiqian Group, a Hong-Kong-based company, very publicly asked out pretty actress Erich Gonzales through a billboard along Morayta, Manila, no less!

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As far as grand romantic gestures go, Gaza’s date-invite seems almost straight out of a romantic movie, or even a romance novel!

Through his Instagram account, Xian Gaza shared a picture of the billboard containing his invitation for a coffee date addressed to Erich Gonzales.

The billboard sign says: “I can’t even espresso how I like you a latte. Will you… drink coffee with me?”

Admittedly, we find the billboard sign almost too cheesy, but we couldn’t help but squeal in delight at just how adorable the gesture is!

In another post on his social media account, Gaza recounts the story of his previous encounter with the young actress last January 5, 2017. He was also very vocal that however brief his encounter with her had been, she still left a huge impression on him.

Erich Gonzales, As much as I want to send this heartfelt message to you privately, which I have been trying and doing so for the past month, I really can’t find a way. For this, please accept my sincerest apology in advance for doing this publicly with an ardent hope that this shall reach you at the soonest possible time. To start, let me indulge in a brief moment of remembering. Last January 5, I was so down and demotivated with life while nursing a broken heart. So I have decided to take a much-needed walk towards SM Aura's chapel, crying while praying, desperately asking for some Divine strength and guidance then went down and decided to book a flight to Hong Kong immediately the next day to unwind and breathe some air. Afterwards, I jumped off to Uptown Mall Cinema to watch the last full show of "Assassin's Creed” and much to my surprise you were seated right there in front of me along with some other four. After the movie, I mustered all courage I had up my sleeve in order to approach you and took this very selfie so that I may remember that magical moment. You, being kind, happily obliged. At that moment, you had left a massive imprint on my heart. You left me mesmerized. I don't wanna portray sainthood nor pretend to be one in your eyes. Yes, I'm a typical bachelor who tries to meet and mingle with some girls but there are two factors why nothing shall really work out that time. First, I'm on my 'moving on' stage and second is without your knowledge, you really touched a portion of my heart that even myself can't describe nor put it into words. Half of 2017 had passed now and I made 29 flights to numerous locations taking that "Uptown Mall Cinema Moment" with me, and so with you who never left my mind.

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He shared that he met Erich in person at a time when he was nursing a broken heart, and after praying for divine strength. He shared that the pretty actress left him mesmerized, and that although he has been to many different places, his brief encounter with the actress always stayed in his mind.

Meanwhile, actress Erich Gonzales has been on the down-low after her very public break-up with model/actor Daniel Matsunaga. This is the first time in months that her name is being linked to a man.

We don’t know exactly what will happen at this point, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they do meet each other again even for just a cup of coffee.


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