Shaina Magdayao and Carlo Aquino Portray Married Couple After Being Siblings!


As if in a twist of fate to properly demonstrate that showbiz is indeed one small world, actress Shaina Magdayao and actor Carlo Aquino are going to play a married couple in the newest television series offering from ABS-CBN.

In the upcoming television series called The Better Half, Carlo and Shaina are slated to play Marco and Camille, a husband and wife. This is after playing siblings in several installments of the smash comedy hit movie Ang Tanging Ina.

The bettef half this Monday na @shaina_magdayao

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In Tanging Ina, Carlo played Tri while Shaina played Seven, the third and seventh child of Ina, played by actress Ai-Ai Delas Alas. The first Tanging Ina installment came out way back in 2003.

In an interview with PEP, Shaina shared that the first time the project was presented to her, she felt challenged by the role because of the fact that she and Carlo have played siblings in several movies before. Then again, she also said that it was like a challenge-accepted kind of thing for her.

When they informed their Tanging Ina mother, Ai-Ai Delas Alas, the comedian jokingly called it ‘incest’.

During the advanced screening of The Better Half, it was also revealed that there was a love scene between Shaina and Carlo. When prodded if they ever felt awkward while filming intimate scenes with each other, Shaina jokingly said that Carlo didn’t seem like he had any difficulty at all.

Carlo also went on to explain that it’s really important that you’re comfortable with the people you are working with. He also went on to add that he and Shaina have known each other ever since they were children. He says that he is comfortable with her and she is also comfortable with him.

The Better Half will be premiering on February 13, and will be replacing Doble Kara in the day-time slot.

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