South Korea Gov’t: Justice For Jee!


Earlier this year, the news of the brutal killing of a South Korean national rocked the nation, and splashed as headlines in various news outlets in the Philippines. The incident allegedly happened last December 30, 2016.

What raised public furor even more is the fact that the perpetrators were police officers – the very same people who were supposed to serve and protect the civilian public, and maintain peace within in the country.

The Korean national identified as Ick Joo Jee (Joo Jee Ick) was revealed to have been abducted along with two other Korean nationals. They were detained inside Camp Crame for seven hours.

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Jee was later revealed to have been killed inside the police station the same day they were abducted.

The police officers who detained the Koreans were able to extort PHP 10,000, and later received another PHP 300,000 after demanding for more money. The amounts received were on top of the items taken by the errant police officers, which included golf equipment, jewelry, laptops and shoes from the house of the Korean nationals. The items were taken before the victims were taken to the police station.

The perpetrators were identified to be PO1 Jayson Ibe, PO3 Arnold Nagayo, PO2 Richard King Agapito, PO3 Gomerson Evangelista, PO1 Ruben Rodriguez II, PO1 Mark Joseph Pineda and PO3 Roentjen Domingo.

As a result of the incident, Angeles Police Chief, Senior Superintendent Sidney Villaflor was held responsible for the reprehensible actions of his subordinates under the “Doctrine of Command Responsibility”. He was replaced by Senior Superintendent Jose Hidalgo.

In a statement released by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the South Korean government expressed “strong regrets” regarding the incident. They called on the Philippine government and its officials to solve the unfortunate incident and give justice to Jee’s death.

“We call upon the Philippine authorities to thoroughly conduct the investigation so that the facts of the matter should be brought into light and that those responsible must be brought to justice.” – Statement of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

In an earlier statement, the South Korean government estimates that at least 1 million Korean nationals visit the Philippines. They expect that such incident can be addressed and prevented in the future in order to ensure the safety of their countrymen.


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