SWS Releases June Survey on Filipinos Fear of Burglary, Unsafe Streets


A Social Weather Stations survey has revealed that the fear of the public with regard to robbery and unsafe streets has risen in the last two months as more individuals have fallen prey to criminals.

The fear of drug addicts rose to a whopping 62 percent in the month of June from 55 percent in April. On the other hand, the fear of robbery rose from 53 points to 64 percent over the same period.

The data, released by SWS on Monday, revealed that 11.4 percent disclosed that a member of their family was a victim of a crime in the last six months. This number also shows an increase from 9.6 percent. Lastly, the property crime victim rate rose from 8.7 percent to 10.9 percent.

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The participants in the survey consisted of 1200 adults. It was conducted from June 24 to 27 just three days before President Rodrigo Duterte took office. It can be recalled that the new President has promised to get rid of the illegal drug trade and crime. He also said he would do his best to save the country from becoming a narco state.

The study’s error margin was +/- 3 percent for national percentages while it had +/6 percent error margin for regional percentages. The SWS did not disclose why they decided to release the results three months later.

The participants were also asked to agree or disagree to the following statement as part of testing their fear of robbery: “In this neighborhood, people are usually afraid that robbers might break into their houses [Sa lugar na ito, ang mga tao ay karaniwang natatakot na baka may mga magnanakaw na makakapasok sa loob ng kanilang tahanan].”

On the other hand, they were asked to answer the following in order to determine if they feared for their safety in the streets or not: “In this neighborhood, people are usually afraid to walk in the street at night because it is not safe [Sa lugar na ito, ang mga tao ay karaniwang natatakot maglakad sa kalye sa gabi dahil mapanganib].”



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