Third-Wheel-Photographer-For-Hire is the Newest Addition to the For-Hire Gimmicks for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and judging from the chatter and buzz on social media, we could safely say that people, couples and singles alike, are psyched!

Following the viral social media posts about the Valentine’s dates for hire that we recently featured, we have another addition to the for-hire series for Valentine’s Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, on top of your romantic date, you can have someone document every romantic gesture, every smile, and every sweet moment with your special someone.

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Photo: Hilda Buenaflor.

Let us introduce you to Facebook user Hilda Buenaflor. She is a photographer, and she offers her services to be the third wheel on your date.

In her viral Facebook post, Buenaflor offers to be the third wheel witness to your date, and to take as many pictures while at it.

On top of her photography skills, she also says she’d be willing to climb posts, and endure witnessing your sweet nothings with your date. She also says she can be patient with you and your date, she can adjust to accommodate your needs, and she won’t be envious.

She offers six packages for her services, each with a corresponding price. And for only PHP 2,000, she can follow you around the Metro Manila area for the whole day and take as many pictures as you want, as long as you also pay for her fare and food.

However, she also cautions those whose boyfriends or girlfriends are all imaginary, she says you need a doctor for that, and not her.

In the last part of her post, she gamely says that if anyone ever hires her through the post, she’d seriously be your third wheel photographer during your date. And if no one hires her, then she just wished everyone will have a happy Valentine ’s Day.

As of this posting, Buenaflor’s post has been shared over 8,300 times, and with over 38,000 reactions.


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