This Guy Gave His Girlfriend a Bouquet of Chicken Nuggets and She Loved It!


Sweet romantic gestures from a guy to his special someone are usually equated with a specially arranged bouquet of red roses and chocolates. This is a true and tested way to express affection, and with very minimal effort. Plus, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re pretty sure that stores and flower shops are already getting an influx of customers.

For one girl, however, the fact that her boyfriend is actually paying attention to what she likes, is definitely better than getting a bouquet of flowers.

College student Annika Aguinaldo, 19 years old, used to drop hints to her boyfriend, Rico Villanueva, also 19 years old, that she didn’t really like flowers. She would tease him and say that she would like a bouquet of chicken nuggets or chicken wings instead.

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Well, it turns out that Rico was actually paying attention!

sub-buzz-18482-1486044327-1On a Twitter post that has since gone viral, Annika shared that Rico surprised her with a bouquet of chicken nuggets. The post was accompanied by photos of the couple, which were taken by a friend.

Annika and Rico have known each other since they were only in their elementary days. They frequented fast food joints such as McDonals, where they first hung out. In an interview with Buzzfeed, the Annika also shared that they surprise each other with chicken nuggets if they knew the other has not eaten yet.

As of this posting, Annika’s post on Twitter has garnered more than 9,800 retweets and more than 39,800 likes.

Their story got so much traction that even McDonalds Philippines caught wind of it. As a result, they were invited for a romantic meal by the fast-food conglomerate!

Not too shabby for a simple chicken nugget gesture, huh?

If there is something to be learned about this sweet gesture, it is this: romance doesn’t always include a bouquet of roses or chocolates. Sometimes, a bouquet of chicken nuggets and a little thoughtfulness will do.


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