This is the Face of a Sadistic Child-Pornographer


Her name is Liezyl Margallo. She’s only 23 years old. In all intents and purposes, she looks just like any other woman in the Philippines. She looks ordinary, mundane, and innocent even.

This 23-year old woman is in fact beyond normal. Her innocuous face belies her truly dark, disturbing and sadistic background.

Margallo is a notorious child trafficker and cyber-pornographer. She has been in the run for the last two years and has 16 pending warrants of arrest in Cagayan De Oro City alone.

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pedophilesShe roams the streets, and lures innocent children with the promise of food, or money. After gaining the trust of her victims, she forces these children to perform atrocious sexual acts, often accompanied by torture and sadism. On top of the gruesome things that her victims go through, she also videotapes these unspeakable acts.

Her partner? Peter Gerard Scully, a 53-year old, Australian national. He has been found guilty of defrauding 20 investors in a scam, and has amassed more than $2.68 million from such scheme.

Scully evaded authorities and fled to Manila in 2011, where he found another lucrative business: child porn. He was eventually arrested in 2015, but Margallo continued to evade arrest.

In one of the videos produced by Scully and Margallo, and provided by the Dutch police, an 18-month old girl named ‘Daisy’ is seen naked, hanging upside down with her hands tied, and her legs drawn apart. She was crying non-stop while her attacker repeatedly whipped her with a belt. As if this was not torture enough, the attacker in the video also poured melted wax from a lighted candle into the girl’s private parts.

The same video featured at least 8 other children, 9 counting Daisy, all aged between 1 to 12 years old.

The attacker on the video was later identified by the authorities to be Margallo.

Authorities were able to uncover the cement-covered remains of a 12 year old girl in Margallo’s apartment after her arrest. They were also able to rescue a total of 10 other victims of Margallo.

The dead girl was later identified as ‘Cindy’. She was entrusted by her guardians to Margallo in exchange for the promise of sending the child to school, and taking good care of her.

Cindy was subjected to torture and perversion in August 2012, and was even videotaped while she was being abused. Authorities also said that a bolo was even inserted into the child’s butt.

Margallo and Scully will be facing charges for Qualified Trafficking, with a penalty of life imprisonment and a fine of PHP2 million to PHP5 million.


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