It’s Time for a Breakthrough with the Best: Pilar Pilapil!


Let’s face it, some lucky beings are born into the glamorous world of show business. Child stars who have auditioned as toddlers, children of actors and actresses, individuals who have that uncanny ability to cry on cue and those whose confidence simply skyrockets once a camera is pointed towards their face. However, there are some who, no matter how hard they try, can not crawl out of that shell but has dreams of stepping into the limelight. Simply put, you have had no chance for a big break.

Here’s your chance to a Breakthrough!

Pilar Pilapil, known for her stunning beauty and award-winning talent (Gawad Urian and Metro Manila Filmfest awardee for Best Actress), is now paving that way for that dream of being in the spotlight a reality!

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Pilar Pilapil Productions and Performing Arts Academy (PIPPAA) understands the struggles a lot of budding actors and actresses face. This is one of the major reasons why they are encouraging acting enthusiasts to join this year’s Pilar Pilapil’s BreakThrough 2.0.

The goal of this workshop is to equip the local artists not only with the knowledge they need to be successful in pursuing a career in acting but also to hone their acting skills and to learn from the pros.

The workshop will be held on November 12-13, 2016, and is open to individuals ages 14 and above. It will be held in Sinulog Hall Rizal Library, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City. Interested participants can register through this link: The registration fee is P5,000 and can be deposited through BPI. The account details are as follows:


The Breakthrough 2.0 is PIPPAA’s second acting Personality Development & Acting Workshop. The first one was held last year, April 9-11, 2015, at the Henry Hotel, Cebu City, was a huge success.

You know you’ve been wanting to ace those auditions and be the star you’ve always dreamed of. This could be your big break.

Learn from Pilar Pilapil herself and be amazed. JOIN NOW!


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