Time Magazine Editors Include 1st Transgender Legislator in PH in 2016 List of Inspiring Women


Congresswoman Geraldine Roman, Representative of the First District of Bataan was included in Motto Magazine’s List of Inspiring Women of 2016.

Motto Magazine is a new platform developed by the editors of Time Magazine, and is dedicated to the empowerment of the future generation. It is geared largely towards young women who are looking for advice on life, work and play.

The list of 13 inspiring women of 2016 was announced in celebration of the International Day of the Girl on Tuesday, October 11. The celebration is an initiative form the United Nations to campaign for the promotion of gender equality worldwide.

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Motto Magazine cites Roman’s victory as the first transgender politician to ever be elected in the Philippines as ‘truly inspiring’.

Her campaign and efforts for the LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Bill as a legislator in the Philippines was also given recognition.

Roman shares the spotlight with some of the biggest names in the international scene including Solange and Beyonce Knowles and Hillary Clinton.

Geraldine Roman was born in a political family, and experienced bullying when she was still growing up. However, instead of being ashamed of who she is, her father, Antonino Roman Jr., encouraged and taught her to be confident about herself.

She underwent a sex reassignment surgery in New York when she was just 26 years old, and legally changed her name.

During the 2016 national elections, Roman was able to secure 62% percent of the votes from her home district in Bataan, earning herself a spot in the House of Representatives.

Earlier this year, Roman addressed her fellow legislators in her first privilege speech in the lower house as she offered for consideration House Bill No. 267, otherwise known as the Anti Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Act.

The bill seeks to extend a mantle of protection to members of the LGBTQ community against discriminatory acts by providing for punitive sanctions among others.

You can check Motto Magazine for the full list of the 13 inspiring women in 2016.


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