Veteran Actor Dick Israel Pass Away at 68


Veteran actor Dick Israel, born Ricardo Vizcarra Michaca, has passed away on Tuesday, October 11. He was 68 years old. This is according to fellow artist actress Vivian Velez.

According to a radio interview with DZMM, Vivian Velez shared that Dick Israel’s son informed her that the actor vomited blood before he died.

Vivian Velez is a member of the organization Damay Kamay, which was founded by local artists in the industry with the aim to help and provide assistance for their needy colleagues. She was also responsible for the relocation of Israel and his family to their new residence earlier this year.

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The actor’s death came in the heel of his wife’s hospitalization and subsequent comatose condition two weeks ago.

Earlier in July of this year, Dick Israel was featured in news outlets nation wide when news of his house in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City, being razed by fire to the ground spread. The fire consumed most of the actor’s property, which he was able to establish because of his long career in the entertainment industry.

One of the very few things he was able to save from the fire was his acting trophy for being Best Supporting Actor in the 1988 film Patrolman from the Metro Manila Film Festival.

The actor also suffered stroke back in 2010, which rendered half of his body paralyzed, and his speech affected.

Help poured in from different people both in and out of the entertainment industry when news of the actor’s condition was broadcast.

Dick Israel had a long career in the entertainment industry, starting from the 1970s until early 2010 when he suffered stroke. He is considered one of the most iconic villains in the Philippine entertainment industry.

He is most notably known for playing either sidekick or villain roles in Filipino movies. He branched out into playing father figures and supporting roles on television later in his career.


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