What to Do When Visiting Negros Oriental’s Lake Balanan


Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of adult life is what one needs. As humans, we cannot spend all the days of our lives working hard to make some money that is only enough for us to make it to another payday.

Sometimes, we need a break. That break could mean you go on a shopping spree or you travel to Negros Oriental and enjoy the many things you can do at Lake Balanan.

Lake Balanan is a freshwater lake located in the mountains of Siaton, Negros Oriental. Here, one can enjoy the peaceful environment and just spend time listening to the music nature has to offer. The place is equipped with a mountain resort that offers you wide varieties of activities, such as ziplining, trekking, or dipping in the waters.

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Tourists have been stunned by the serene atmosphere at the same time enjoy its uniqueness.

If you are the kind of individual who loves serenity mixed with a bit of adventure, then Lake Balanan is for you to discover. Here ares some of the things you can do in a day or two in Lake Balanan:

Go see the Balete trees
Forest of century-old giant Balete trees greets you with majesty from the entrance up to the lake. One is found with a treehouse built on top of it.

Zip through the air
Zip line above the waters of the lake and feel the fresh mountain breeze. Taking the zip is a great kind of meditation as the location is just so majestic.

(Photo: TripAdvisor)

Hike and camp
It is not easy to get lost as the trails are guided with railings and trail signs. Just make sure to bring outdoor shoes for hiking. Part of the trail is riding a water raft so prepare to get wet. At the other side of the lake, a waterfall can be found.

Climb up a treehouse
It surely is as exciting as it sounds. This treehouse is built on top of a balete tree. Get up and see the majestic view of the whole lake. Regardless of age, nobody gets tired of treehouses.

Do water activities
Paddle through the calm waters of the lake with a kayak or banca. If you are not fond of the wet and wild activity, then take a dip in the lake or the in the resort pool.

(Photo: panoramio.com)

Lounge in the restaurants
Amenities in the place also include restaurants, pavilions, or lodges for bigger gatherings for an overnight stay.

Visit on a Tuesday
Entrance fee is free on Tuesday. This is to cater to locals living close the lake. If you are on a tight budget, visiting on this day might save a few pesos. Plus, you might meet more locals and make new friends.

(Photo: BlogSpot)

Nothing beats a good selfie with the whole family and barkada. At these times, nobody would believe that you have been to place if you don’t have photos in.

With contributions from Mac Florendo