Wanted Pinoy Businessman in the US has $3,000 Bounty on His Head


Right out of the pages of a murder mystery novel, a manhunt has been launched for a Filipino businessman by the police authorities of Northbrook, Illinois.

In fact, the US Marshalls have offered a hefty $3,000 reward for anyone who has information which can aid in the suspect’s arrest. They can call the number (888) 869-4590.

The Pinoy businessman was identified as John G. Panaligan, 50 years old. His former address was listed at 2200 block, Boxford Court, Aurora, and he is wanted by the authorities for being the primary suspect in the killing of a lawyer in December 2016.

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A warrant of arrest has previously been issued five weeks ago against Panaligan, for first-degree murder, but such warrant has only been made public earlier this month.

The victim was Jigar K. Patel. He was strangled inside his office in 1363 Shermer Road, and Panaligan was caught on CCTV cameras as the last person to have ever seen the victim before he was found dead. Panaligan was caught on security cameras exiting the premises while wearing a trench coat, a surgical mask and a hat. He was also seen walking with a cane.

Police authorities were positive that the man caught on camera was Panaligan, but since he was not in any way disabled, they believe that the cane he used was a disguise.

Authorities are still currently investigating the motive behind the murder of Patel. They suspect that the conflict between the suspect and the victim stemmed from a legal dispute since Panaligan was an owner of Vital Home Healthcare, and Patel represented a client with an interest against Panaligan. However, the client’s reason for filing a suit against Panaligan remains unclear and unspecified.

According to Charles Wernick, Chief of Police of Northbrook, they never believed that Panaligan posed a threat to the community since the murder of Patel was not a random act, but a deliberate deed on the part of Panaligan.


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