Watch This Biker Cause Traffic To Propose To His Girlfriend!


This biker’s elaborate marriage proposal went viral on Facebook–and for the best reason!

Regina Marie Verano of Calamba, Laguna posted this video of a biker and his girlfriend being flagged down by a traffic enforcer at a busy intersection. The girlfriend, obviously perturbed at the turn of events, looks on as her boyfriend is pulled aside by the officer and seemingly reprimanded… until a group of cyclists circles them! The boyfriend then gets down on one knee and pops the question.

Verano stated in the video’s caption, “Just this afternoon I witnessed a very sweet proposal… sa crossing! The story is kunwari nasiraan sila ng motor sa gitna mismo ng crossing and then tinitekitan na sila cause they’re causing heavy traffic while the girl is so nervous and worried at the same time and then boom! The guy knelt on his one knee… and asked the sweetest question the girl could ever heard from her man…”

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She also states in her post that this man and his fellow biker friends had carefully planned for this grand proposal, having marched into the CCTMO offices and conspired with the various traffic enforcers, like the one seen above, to stage this brilliant scene.

The post has amassed approximately 4 million views, 137,000 reactions, 90,000 shares, and 25,000 comments since its posting last October 29, 2016 at 8:22PM. Many Facebook users have voiced their support and admiration for the biker and the effort put into his plan, while others were a little more dismissive to the point of sounding bitter! Few were more concerned for the traffic they had caused to execute this plan, but comments were generally supportive and positive towards the biker and his girlfriend, now fiancee.

Verano, on the other hand, is simply excited to have watched her video go viral! In a separate Facebook post, she thanks everybody for all their comments and reactions, regardless of whether they were positive or negative.


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