Watch: Dave Moffatt Tries to be a Jeepney Barker


After sixteen years, Bob, Clint and Scott who are 3 of 4 members of The Moffats came back to the Philippines to perform for their fans, one last time. The Farewell Tour of the brothers was attended by a lot of their supporters and for people who have been following their musical journey since the 90’s it was pure bliss to reminisce the past by listening to them play songs like “I miss you like crazy”, “I’ll be there for you” and “Crazy”. However, for fans like myself, The Moffatts would not be complete without Dave, one of the triplets. And it seems that the universe has conspired for Dave’s fans to see him perform live.

Dave who also calls himself “The Singing Yogi” has been teaching yoga for the past couple of years but when he heard about his fans’ request to hear him sing for the last time, he granted it by going to the Philippines so he can perform at the Music Museum on May 27.

Before the performance, Dave decided that he wanted to try to blend in with the people who love him so much. In the video, Dave tries to be a Jeepney Barker.

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Video credits: Dave Moffatt’s Official Facebook Page


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