Watch: Despacito Parody, “I Wear Speedos”


Mikey Bustos is at it again! The Filipino-Canadian Youtuber who is based  in Manila created a funny parody of the song Despacito. I’ve been hearing this song’s different versions in a PLAYLIST created by a friend and I thought I’m so over it BUT when I saw #baespacito Mike’s version: I Wear Speedos, I know I had to listen one last time.

On the music  video, Mikey is seen donning different colors of  Speedos while swimming on the beach, doing cardio, and even while eating nachos. According to him, board shorts should not be worn on the beach because it does not make your tan lines even. Do you guys agree?

The video is so funny that I didn’t mind pressing the play button again and again! If you are having  a bad day, watch this video.

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