Watch This Lovely Little Girl’s Encouraging Message to Duterte


In a viral video uploaded to the Duterte and Bato Supporters Facebook Page, a lovely little girl gives words of encouragement to President Rodrigo Duterte. She even calls him ‘Tatay Digong’.

As president of the Philippines, Duterte has everyone’s eyes on him. His every word and action is splashed on headlines across the country. He has rabid supporters, but likewise has plenty of naysayers.

With everything that President Duterte has to face, and only at the start of his term as president, it’s good to hear a heartwarming encouragement every once in a while.

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“Tatay Digong, don’t give up on being a President. If you give up, and don’t protect the world, then everybody in the country will be killed. You’re a savior because you’re the one that got picked to be the president.” – Little girl on the viral video.

In the video, we learn that the little’s name is Mary, and she even baptizes President Duterte as the Best President Ever. She also cautioned President Duterte about bad guys and that they want to take his spot as president.

She ends her message with a ‘Bye, Tatay Digong. Take care!’, and a flying kiss. How cute is that?

In the eyes of a child, adults can be larger than life, and even become heroes. This is why we must set good examples, and take on the heavy burden of ensuring their safety.

Netizens were quick to offer words of appreciation to Mary’s message in the video. They expressed wanting to have the president see it so that he can be inspired in doing his duties as father of the Philippines.

As of the time of this posting, the video has over 500,000 views, 26,000 shares, and 14,000 Facebook reactions.


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