Watch: President Duterte Gets the Anime Treatment as ‘El Presidente’


President Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity continues to rise that he even gets to have his anime character version!

President Duterte holds the highest public office in the Philippines — this alone guarantees microscopic scrutiny of his every word and action. His colorful words and propensity for profanities has earned him numerous detractors, but his strides in his vendetta against drugs have earned him international praise.

Earlier this month, President Duterte became the muse of the Philippine Rice Research Institute’s Rice Paddy Art, and now, he again inspires another art medium: Japanese animation.

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The animated video imitates some of the real-life scenes of Duterte on television, which is, without a doubt, very familiar to Filipinos.

At the beginning of the animated video, President Duterte is portrayed as a badass motorcycle-riding hero. He goes against terrorists and criminal elements depicted as monsters.

Screenshot of the animated version of President Duterte.

He is also often showed with the Philippine flag.

In one cut, he is seen surrounded by reporters while being interviewed. There is also a scene, which mirrored his previous State of the Nation Address, while he faced the members of the House of Representatives.

His avid supporters are also included in the animated video, wearing wrist baller bands and signs with Duterte’s name on it.

Even his two biggest allies are also featured on the video! Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Philippine National Police Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ De la Rosa also have their own screen time.

Screenshot of the animated version of PNP Chief Bato.

There is also a scene depicting President Duterte shaking the hands of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, presumably as a sign of the creator’s desire of goodwill between the Philippines and Japan.

The animated video runs for 1:27 minutes. As of this writing, it has been viewed for nearly a million times. It has over 21,000 ‘likes’, and over 43,000 ‘shares’ on Facebook.

You can view Bisayaball’s uploaded video here.

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