Watercolor Essentials: 6 Links You Will Need in Starting Out With Watercolor


Whether you’re formally learning about watercolor or simply looking into starting a new hobby, it is always good to have a few good resources at hand. Listed here are places wherein you can buy materials and tutorials that can help with your practice. There are also some added links that may provide inspiration. (The linky links are the headings themselves)

  1. Deovir Art Supplies

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Let’s start out with buying materials for beginning your new hobby. Deovir provides a wide selection of materials for several types of media. The great thing about Deovir is that they have both student grade and artist grade materials. Student and artist grade materials differ in some ways such as price (student grade is cheaper), pigmentation (artist grade has more concentrated pigments), and selection (there are a lot more colors available for artist grade materials).

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They have branches in SM Megamall, CM Recto, Quezon Blvd., SM City Manila as well as SM North EDSA.


  1. Art Whale

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ArtWhale.ph distributes high quality materials, with such brands as Escoda brushes and Shin Han Art, which come from all over the world. They also host a few of their own workshops for watercolor painting. Their products are usually included in workshop packages as well.

Their storefront is located along Malingap Street in Barangay Teacher’s Village West, Quezon City.

  1. Common Room

    taken from commonroon's instagram account
    taken from commonroon’s instagram account

The first reason to follow this shop on Instagram is keeping track of when they will be holding their next watercolor workshop. Secondly, looking at their pretty pictures of the crafty stuff they sell is certainly inspiring. Their products made with watercolor are bound to make you want to work on your own even if they don’t have a big selection of watercolor materials.

Common Room branches include the one located beside Go! Salads along Fabian dela Rosa Street in Katipunan, and one in Power Plant Mall.


  1. TheWittyGrittyPaperCo.

This channel on Youtube is particularly helpful with everything technical about watercolor. They create videos that cover theory, materials, techniques, demos, and DIY. They even make videos to address common questions about the medium.


  1. K Werner Design

If you’re more into calligraphy, this youtuber creates tons of videos of her doing different types of typography and lettering with watercolor and other media. She will usually mention what paints and what paper she’s using for a particular tutorial. And even if you aren’t into that, watching her write/paint is a relaxing experience.


  1. Speed Paintings by Agnes Cecile

Probably one of the more famous watercolor artists of this generation, Silvia Pelissero aka Agnes Cecile, is known for her haunting portraits in watercolor. Her painting style goes really well edited into a sped up demo video. Paired with a circus-esque/musicbox type melody, this video is probably her most famous one to date with over 3 million views. Watching her videos will give you an idea of what layer comes first in portraits and how watercolor spreads over time on the paper.


So what are you waiting for? Happy painting everyone!


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