What Kind of Girlfriend is Pia Wurtzbach? We Have the Answer!


The 65th Miss Universe pageant is finally over, and after a grueling competition, our very own Queen Pia Wurtzbach has turned over the Miss Universe crown to Miss France, Iris Mittenaere.

Kudos to Miss Philippines Maxine Medina for making it to the Top 6, and for the other contestants for giving their best!

In the Philippines,Pia remains to be a beloved queen and her every move remains to be news-worthy.

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Well, what’s more news-worthy than Queen P’s love life?!

It was only last January 16 when Pia confirmed her relationship status with Formula 1 race-car hottie, Marlon Stockinger in an interview with ABS-CBN. They’ve been together since October 2016.

Their relationship developed months after Pia called it quits with Dr. Mike Varshavski, a.k.a. the Hottest Doctor on Instagram.

Pia is half-Filipino and half-German, while Marlon is half-Filipino and half-Swiss. Aside from their shared Filipino roots, both of them are Catholics, and have known each other long before were actually an item.

And while we did somehow predict them finally getting together because of the many pictures they’ve shared with their fans and supporters on their respective Instagram accounts, we still can’t get enough of this beautiful pair!

Also, we’re quite curious about this: since Queen P has the world at her feet, and has seemingly reached the pinnacle of success, what kind of girlfriend exactly is she?

Who knew we’ll be able to find the answer right in Marlon’s very own Instagram account?!

Check out the photos below, and see just what kind of comments Pia has been leaving on her boyfriend’s IG pictures!

How adorable! Looks like Queen P is very much smitten with her race-car hottie prince charming!

Well, we can’t blame her. Marlon is major eye-candy!

So then, what kind of girlfriend is our Queen P? The answer – CLINGY!!!


Picture Credits: Marlon Stockinger Instagram // When in Manila Courtney


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